Confindustria soul: decline in building systems in 2023


Emma Potter

We need to relaunch the building systems sector

Nocivelli reiterated the importance of relaunching the building systems sector, underlining how this represents not only a fundamental pillar of the Italian economy, but also a key sector for the protection of jobs and for the promotion of national technological excellence. The energy transition and decarbonisation, objectives for 2030, they necessarily pass through the modernization of the Italian building stockmaking decisive intervention in favor of building systems essential.

Participation in international events such as MCE (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort) is seen by Nocivelli as anprecious opportunity to promote the building systems sector. These events represent an important showcase for the diffusion of industrial culture and for networking between the players in the supply chain, thus contributing to further valorising a sector of excellence of the Italian economy.

Decline in exports

The decline in exports in 2023which stood at -2.4% compared to the previous year, with a value of approximately 8,572 million euros, further confirms the need for an overall strategy that supports the sector.

This strategy should not only aim for immediate revival but also project towards the futurewith the aim of consolidating Italy's position as a leader in technological innovation applied to sustainable construction.

The future of building systems

In conclusion, the decline recorded in 2023 presents the building systems sector with significant challenges, but also with unique opportunities. The ability to relaunch this sector will not only safeguard numerous jobs but will also allow Italy to face its commitments towards sustainability and decarbonisation with greater determination.

The road is paved, but it requires a collective and visionary commitmentcapable of looking beyond immediate difficulties to grasp the potential of a greener and more innovative future.

From the press release by the Anima Press and Communication Office