Credit transfer: opens the Sibonus portal for the transfer of problem loans


Emma Potter

In the Piedmont region, a new initiative promises to revolutionize the way in which businesses and citizens can manage and monetize their tax credits resulting from building renovation and energy improvement interventions.

Thanks to the launch of the Sibonus portal, managed by Infocamere in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, it now becomes possible to unblock the stranded credits relating to the superbonus, ecobonus, sismabonus, renovation bonus And facade bonuses.

This innovative system aims to facilitate the transfer of tax credits to regional subsidiaries, implementing a solution expected by many and concretely responding to the liquidity needs of businesses and individuals.

The Sibonus portal: a solution for problem loans

With the full implementation of the law approved in October 2023, the Piedmont Region opens a new path for the recovery of tax credits linked to building incentives.

The Sibonus platform, born from the collaboration between the Piedmont Region, Unioncamere Piemonte, and the professional associations of accountants and accounting experts in the area, represents the heart of this project. Through this portal, i holders of tax creditsboth businesses and private citizens, can now register their bonuses to make their evaluation and purchase possible by public economic entities and regional investee companies.

This initiative not only facilitates the liquidity of businesses and private citizens but also introduces an effective monitoring mechanism for the Region, which can thus keep track of the progress of operations in a more precise and organized way.

Collaboration and Awareness for the Success of the Project

The Piedmont Region has undertaken an important path of awareness and collaboration with the main entities and professional associations in the area. The framework agreement signed with Unioncamere Piemonte and with the Orders of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts aims to guarantee the maximum dissemination of information and the effectiveness of the initiative.

In the coming days, the Region will intensify its communication efforts towards regional investee companies, Anci Piedmont and the eight provincial capitals, encouraging them to actively promote this opportunity.

At the same time, the collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte and with the Order of Accountants will continue to play a crucial role to ensure that members of these orders are also fully informed and can benefit from or facilitate the management of tax credits.

This multidimensional approach to awareness and collaboration is fundamental to the success of the project, allowing it to reach a greater number of potential stakeholders and optimize the results of the Sibonus initiative.

Conclusions and Future Perspectives

The Sibonus portal initiative marks a significant step for Piedmont in the management of tax credits linked to building incentives. It represents not only an opportunity to unlock previously inaccessible financial resources for businesses and citizens, but also a model of innovation in public administration.

Looking to the future, this project could serve as an example for other Italian regions, demonstrating how technology and inter-institutional collaboration can solve complex problems and improve the efficiency of public services.