Roads, bridges and viaducts: the road investment fund has been established for small municipalities


Emma Potter

Road investment fund: the recipients of the resources

They can submit an application i Municipalities with a population not exceeding 5 thousand inhabitantsas resulting from the definitive ISTAT population as of 31 December 2021.

Each municipality can present a single instance access to the Fund.

Furthermore, the resources for the year 2023 are as a priority assigned to the Municipalities for which it was carried out in the same year declared a state of emergency.

How to get resources

Applications must be submitted following the mode hey criteria indicated by ministerial decree no. 6/2024.

These will have to specify the interventions for which financing is requested, identified via the unique project code, theamount of interventions, the contribution requestedThe approved design levelL'commitment to stipulate the contract for the assignment of the works within ninety days from the date of granting the loan, the treasury account detailspossible forms of co-financing.

A specific document will be published soon Public Notice which will indicate the access link to the digital platform for the submission of applications.

They are automatically excluded the instances:

  • received after the prescribed deadlines;
  • incomplete or non-compliant;
  • presented according to methods other than those defined by the ministerial decree;
  • concerning one or more interventions which are partially without financial coverage.

Financing disbursement methods

The financing of the “Road investment fund in small municipalities” is disbursed in two distinct phases.

The first part, equal to 50 percent of the total assigned, comes granted at the time of signing of the contract relating to the works.

The second part, also 50 percent, is paid to the beneficiary municipality only after verification by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Department for Public Works and Housing Policies of the whole of documentation presented for reporting.