Driving licenses useful for work. Volume and software with theory and quizzes to achieve A, B and BE


Emma Potter

To move around independently, driving licenses are useful and become essential if needed for work. There are various professions that require the ability to drive a motorcycle or company car to be carried out.

We remind you that each driving licence, each CQC (Driver Qualification Card) and each KB and KA professional qualification certificate is assigned a initial score of 20 pointswhich decreases every time one of the is committed infringements indicated in a specific score table of the Highway Code (article 126-bis).

You can lose from one point to ten pointsdepending on the severity of the violation committed.

For the new drivers, in the first three years, the points lost for each violation are doubled. If multiple infringements are detected at the same time, a maximum of 15 points can be deducted. However, if among the infringements there is one that leads to the suspension or revocation of the license, all the points provided will be deducted without any limitation.

In order to obtain category A, B and BE licenses it is necessary to take an exam which consists of 30 question questionnaire it's a practical driving test. Below are some tips on how to prepare to pass the exam to obtain the category A1, A2, A, B1, B, B cod. driving license. 96 and BE.

Theory and simulations of exam quizzes

The volume Driving license A, B, BE – Edition 2024 deals completely and in depth with all the topics required to pass the exam to obtain the category A1, A2, A, B1, B, B driving license cod. 96 and BE.

The Highway Code is commented with rigor and clarity and the numerous illustrationsaccurate and effective, complete the exposition and facilitate understanding and memorization.

The text is completely updated to the most recent rules of the Highway Code and the presentation of the topics complies with the quiz in effect.

Finally, ample space is dedicated to the basics of first roadside assistance.

AND software available – downloadable online – with simulations developed according to the same criteria as the exam and with thematic exercises on the various topics of the Highway Code.

Furthermore, we recommend the volume for preparing for quizzes Driving license A, B, BE New ministerial quizzes which presents all the over 7 thousand quizzes which constitute the exam subject, divided by topic for better understanding and memorisation, with the relevant correct answers.

The author

Roberto Sangalli – has worked as a driving school teacher for many years. He has published a series of highly successful books on driving licences.