PNRR agrivoltaic decree published: over one GW of systems to be installed by 30 June 2026


Emma Potter

Signed and published by the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, the PNRR agrivoltaic decree with the aim of installing at least 1.04 GW of agrivoltaic systems by June 30, 2026.

The regulatory provision – using the words of the minister – promotes the coexistence in the fields of agricultural excellence with clean energy generating solutions and is effective starting February 14, 2024.

Within the next fifteen days, as foreseen by the provision, the operational rules that will govern the methods and timing of recognition of the incentives will be approved by the Ministry, upon proposal of the Energy Services Manager. The GSE will issue a first public notice for the submission of applications within thirty days of approval of the rules.

Agrivoltaic systems are integrated systems. LThe photovoltaic system is raised from the ground and the modules that compose it can be equipped with a sun tracking system: in this way the passage of light and the photosynthesis process necessary for plantations are guaranteed, but also the maximum yield of the system. to know more watch Ediltecnico's video interview with the architect. Alessandra Scognamigliopresident of the Italian Sustainable Agrivoltaic Association.

Let's see in detail what the PNRR agrivoltaic decree provides, a how much are the resources? and who are I recipients of the incentive.

The resources available and what the incentive provides

The resources available, planned with the PNRR, are almost equal one billion and one hundred million euros and in particular innovative construction solutions will be promoted, mainly with a vertical structure and with high efficiency modules.

Expected on recognition of an incentive composed of a capital contribution in the maximum measure of 40% of eligible costs and a incentive rate based on the share of electricity produced and fed into the grid.

The manager of the entire measure and access to the incentive mechanism is the Energy Services Manager (GSE).

Who are the recipients of the incentive

The agricultural sector and temporary business associations made up of at least one entity from the agricultural sector will be able to enjoy the benefit.

Specifically, two distinct power contingents are foreseen:

  1. one of 300 MW intended for agricultural sector only for power systems up to 1 MW;
  2. and a second one also open at temporary associations of companies made up of at least one entity from the agricultural sector for systems of any power.

Monitoring to evaluate effects over time

MASE specifies, in the press release issued on the PNRR agrivoltaic decree, that the fundamental element of the measure is the monitoring system in order to guarantee the implementation of projects that generate competing agriculture/energy benefits and evaluate their effects over time.

The installation of agrivoltaic systems will guarantee the continuity of agricultural and pastoral activity underlying the system for the entire useful life of the systems and that they are monitored microclimateThe water savingthe recovery of soil fertilitythe resilience to climate change and the agricultural productivity for different types of crops.

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