Electric mobility: the PUN platform is born to map charging points


Emma Potter

PUN: how it works and next steps

The implementation of the PUN is divided into progressive stageswith the first version of the rendered platform accessible to the public on March 27, 2024.

With the initial release, the national register of charging points is introduced, allowing Charging Point Operator (CPO) to enter and update data relating to charging infrastructures. From now on, citizens and interested parties have the opportunity to consult on a interactive map the available charging points, accessing detailed information and updated statistics on electric mobility in the national territory.

As the project progresses, the introduction of additional features which will significantly expand the range of action of the PUN. From May, Public Administrations will be able to access dedicated information dashboards.

From the second half of the year, features will be available that will allow you to: know the charging infrastructure soon to be implemented, financed with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan; support the phase planning of installations; make the PUN interoperable with CPO management systems.

An app is coming

Furthermore, it is expected development of an appby the end of the year, to access services with mobile devices, making PUN services easily accessible to all citizens.

This approach reflects the ambition to make electric mobility an everyday and accessible reality, in line with the country's objectives of environmental sustainability and technological innovation. MASE specifies that the Platform, in addition to guaranteeing a single mapping of infrastructures for users, constitutes a useful tool for Municipalities, Provinces and Regions in territorial planning and allows one streamlining of the authorization process of new installations.