Amnesty coming? MIT announces the arrival of the Save-Home plan


Emma Potter

Building abuses

The dividing line between a legitimate building work and an illegal one is often of dubious determination: making a mistake in identifying the case or the related procedure can lead to serious legal and judicial consequences, sometimes criminal. This highly appreciated Guide, updated with the “Free Building Glossary”, which contains an exhaustive list of the main building works that can be carried out under the free building activity regime, with the SCIA 1 and SCIA 2 decrees and with the simplified landscape authorization, after a in-depth analysis of building typologies, focuses on constraints, i.e. that invisible system of constraints that often overlap on the same territory for various reasons, which plays a leading role in identifying, for the same work, which enabling act will need to be achieved and what different consequences there will be, in case of abuse, on the criminal front and on that of curability. In this regard, the volume also delves into the points of contact between building abuse, building amnesty, compliance assessment and jurisprudential amnesty. Complete with a rich technical-legal form, also available online for customization and printing, and a summary of the most recent rulings on the matter. Emanuele Montini, as a lawyer, specializes in the building-urban planning and environmental sectors. Consultant and teacher at various public and private bodies, he was vice-president of the Urban Planning Commission of the Municipality of Rome, Head of the Legislative Office of a parliamentary body and General Secretary of Italia Nostra.