EuroCucina 2024: the kitchen becomes the heart of contemporary living


Emma Potter

Aran Cucine: cutting-edge design at a competitive price

Aran Kitchens has amazed with its new collection which interprets Italian tradition with a modern twist, focusing on recycled and renewable materials.

Penelope captures attention for its cutting-edge designa competitive price it's a maximum wear resistance. For those looking for space, Lab 13 guarantees great containment without sacrificing quality and beauty. With Sunflower the kitchen becomes outdoor: built with eco-sustainable materials that recall earth tones, adding a touch of rustic elegance and an authentic connection with nature.

To review all the Aran Cucine news presented at EuroCucina 2024 you can explore the virtual tour.

Cucine Lube combines technology and research into materials

The brand Lube kitchens presented some absolute novelties such as the models Brera And Shade Lab and new collections Flavor, Imagine And Pantheonthe latter model featuring a new line Chica mix of classic design and innovation.

With BreraCucine Lube presents a project with a strong identity. Precious woods such as eucalyptus, new green and eco-sustainable essences such as paulownia andtimeless aesthetics of the oak find space in the model's door Brera also available in the reeded version, whose play of light and shadow gives the composition a strong architectural character.

At the Lube stand it was possible to admire the green and eco-sustainable materials alongside the unmistakable details that have made the brand a guarantee in the furniture sector. Made in Italy.

Elica: all you need is Lhov

To present the news of Propeller we used the slogan coined by the company to announce the market launch of the “masterpiece” Lhovthe first all-in-one appliance with oven, hob, extractor hood all in one unit.

The appliance, signed by Fabrizio CrisàChief Design Officer, is a single element and its dimensions are standard (90 x 36 cm), such as to ensure it can be built into the kitchen modules.

Lhov is characterized not only by design, but also by a powerful aspiring heart capable of remove fumes and odors from the hob and finally also from the oven: in this way, when it opens you no longer encounter hot air and steam; furthermore, during cooking you no longer notice the annoying frontal air blade, full of odors.

Then there are the Elica hoods, a must havewhich combine energy efficiency and minimal design, revolutionizing space management and air quality.

EuroCucina 2024: the kitchen becomes the heart of contemporary living Elica PREMIUM Lhov copy red

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