From new graduate to operational surveyor on seven construction sites in fifteen days: the story of Virginia Monteleone


Emma Potter

Guide to the profession of surveyor

The manual, a useful support for optimal preparation for state exams for professional qualification and for alternative training courses to internships, has reached its third updated edition which is renewed and expanded in content. It is a useful consultation tool for professional practice, dealing with the various skills of the Surveyor (Technician in Construction, Environment and Territory) from both a theoretical and operational point of view. All the topics covered are made simple with examples of application to concrete cases faced in the author's professional activity. The first part of the manual is inherent to the preparation of the State Exam, analyzing the contents and strategies to be adopted for the exam tests, the concepts of which can be transferred to professional practice in job interviews, with clients, and with the people you interact with on a daily basis. The second part of the manual delves into the various technical-scientific subjects, treating them in the professional context of application. The basic concepts are recalled, in order to better deal with the study and in-depth analysis of the different technical disciplines. The various disciplines covered are: Topography, Valuation, Inheritance, Condominium, Land Registry, Urban Planning and Construction, Notions of Energy Performance, Notes on Construction Site Safety, Notions of Fire Prevention. The manual is completed by a very useful appendix with the handbook for verifying building, urban planning and cadastral compliance, essential for real estate due diligence. Associated with the volume there is a rich selection of online materials, including the topics of the exam tests (from 1987 to the present day), the reference standards for the profession, examples of practices carried out, facsimiles of forms and reports editable. Emilio Niglis De Lutiis Freelance surveyor. He has been practicing his professional activity since 1981 with a high level of training that distinguishes his profile. He held the position of commissioner in the professional qualification exams. Trainer and teacher in energy certification and safety communication courses, he is coordinator of the surveyor preparation course for the professional qualification exams of the College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors of Milan.