External thermal insulation installer: Saint-Gobain courses for certification and ETICS license renewal


Emma Potter

ETICS certification and license renewal

Starting March 15, 2021 one came into force Accredia circularSingle national accreditation body designated by the Italian government, which modifies the validity period of the qualification and the renewal methods. In fact, the validity of the qualification has been changed from 3 to 5 years and has been introduced the obligation of annual maintenance and training of at least eight hours to ensure adequate technical updating.

There certification has one pre-established duration and, in order to keep the qualification active, it is necessary to present renewal application before the deadline, which can be annual or five-yearly.

In case the professional must renew annually the ETICS licence, every year the candidate must present evidence of continuity of work and absence of disputes.

If instead the renewal expected is five-yearlyat the end of the fifth year the candidate must present a certificate of participation in one or more training courses for a total of eight hours.

For these types of renewal, if the candidate has all the documentation in order, but does not demonstrate that he has followed eight hours of training, is obliged to repeat the written exam.

To summarize we can therefore say that the licenses carried out by 3/14/2021 they expire for three years and expired in March 2024, while the licenses issued by 3/15/2021 onwards have a five-year expiry date and annual maintenance.

Saint-Gobain training for the ETICS licence

Saint Gobain Italyas part of its broad Academy training offer, organized a calendar of events throughout the national territory to respond to renewal requests and obtain new certifications.

The preparation course, entitled “The ETICS system and the UNI11715 and UNI11716 standards of 2018″has one duration of 8 hours and it is valid as refresher course in the event that the professional already has a certification and needs to obtain renewal.

The course at the same time is preparatory to taking the exam for the professional interested in obtaining the certification which, from the moment of issue, will last 5 years instead of 3 years.

This the appointment calendar in the centers Academy Saint-Gobain:

  • Bari: Course May 21 | Examination may 22
  • Pisa: Course June 12 | Examination June 13th
  • Aquinas: Course September 25 | Examination September 26th
  • Vidalengo: Course October 15 | Examination October 16th

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