Kubik: the shower cabin revolution for the modern bathroom


Emma Potter

Kubik: innovative solution for a functional and stylish bathroom

Kubik represents an ideal balance between form and aesthetics, going beyond traditional limits and offering intelligent solutions which not only attract attention but also meet the practical needs of users.

This balance is reflected in the modern and rigorous lines Of Kubik, which express a simple and refined beauty. Every detail has been designed to combine everyday functionality with an aesthetic that enhances the style of the bathroom, thus creating a harmonious and pleasant environment.

Kubik's perfect balance between form and aesthetics

The heart of the project Kubik lies in the integration between a functionality that responds to daily needs and a design that mitigates the practical aspectsrefining and adapting the functional aspect to visual and style needs of the bathroom itself.

This approach has led to the creation of a shower cabin that synergistically harmonises form and function. The minimalist design by Kubik is exemplified by the support bar integrated directly into the frame, an element that contributes not only to clean aesthetics but also to an invisible connection between form and utility, enhancing the overall interaction with the product.

Integration of functionality and design: the heart of the Kubik project

A distinctive aspect of Kubik it's his door mounted on a pin, an innovation that redefines the surrounding space, improving its practicality and accessibility. This revolutionary feature introduces a new approach to bathroom furniture design, offering unprecedented flexibility in different contexts.

There revolving door optimizes the use of space, allowing full exploitation of the wall adjacent to the entrance. This feature is extremely useful for installing accessories such as towel holders or radiators.

Furthermore, the possibility of open the door both inwards and outwards it is particularly convenient and efficient both during cleaning and maintenance operations and during entry and exit from the shower cabin itself, improving the user experience in every aspect.

The Kubik pivot door: innovation and flexibility for the bathroom

There sustainability is a central element in the design of Kubik.

The structure is entirely made in aluminum and tempered glassboth materials recyclable and reusable. This choice not only integrates perfectly with the aesthetics of the shower cabin, thanks to the thin and easy to clean profilesbut also simplifies maintenance operations thanks to a anti-limescale treatment which keeps the glass shining in every situation.

This commitment to sustainability demonstrates a particular care for the environmentwhile ensuring a durable and high quality product.

Kubik: the shower cabin revolution for the modern bathroom KUBIK AB F POPEYE DOOR OPENING DETAIL red

Sustainability and simplified maintenance: the choice of materials for Kubik

The commitment to balancing form and function pays off Kubik a tangible example of the evolution of design in domestic spaces. Its presence transforms the bathroom into a modern and functional space, offering a unique and timeless experience for those who appreciate theunion between elegance and practicality.

Kubik presents itself as an excellent solution for transforming the bathroom into a unique, elegant and highly functional space, becoming a central element in the daily routine. The combination of innovation, aesthetics and sustainability makes Kubik a value option for those looking for the best for their bathroom.

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Kubik: the shower cabin revolution for the modern bathroom KUBIK COVER red