Fair compensation, the ministerial observatory takes office


Emma Potter

The tasks of the Observatory on fair compensation

With the law 49/2023which came into force in May of the same year, the attention towards the fair remuneration of freelancers was further strengthened.

The Observatory was born with the mandate of monitor compliance with this regulation, ensuring that the determination and application of the compensation are carried out correctly and equitably. At the heart of its activity is the protection of professionals from any unfair clausesa fundamental aspect for maintaining a dignified profession that respects individual skills, furthermore the Observatory can express opinionswhere required, on the draft regulatory documents that concern the criteria for determining fair compensation.

The Observatory's action will not be limited to a passive monitoring role, but will be actively involved in collecting the requests of the liberal professions, acting as bridge between professionals and institutionsthis represents a further guarantee tool for professionals.

The Observatory presents a report on its activities to the Chambers

The members of the body are not entitled to any remuneration, attendance fee, reimbursement of expenses or other emolument however named and for any reason due and the same presents, by 30 September of each year, to the Chambers a report on its supervisory activity.