Fire Brigade competition for 189 logistics management inspectors: pre-selection in presence


Emma Potter

New Fire Prevention Manual

The New Fire Prevention Manual, now in its fifth edition, collects in a single organic and systematic text the fire prevention provisions applicable to activities at risk of fire, providing the necessary insights for the cases for which it is often difficult to identify the solution, and also develops the application of the Fire Prevention Code which is based on new, more versatile and internationally recognized design tools, capable of arriving at more effective technical solutions. The work contains the fruit of long professional experience in the field of fire prevention and in the verification of the safety conditions of activities at risk of fire, and is aimed at professionals who work methodically in the fire prevention sector and also at those who occasionally deal with security issues. The manual therefore constitutes an indispensable reference support for fire prevention professionals who, in their design activities, increasingly feel the need to have organic information relating to the technical aspects of fire safety and administrative procedures. In relation to the need for uniformity in the assessments, the manual allows those in charge of the checks to delve deeper into specific topics of the technical fire safety provisions, which are often very complex and which require, for their solution, studies, in-depth analysis and specific knowledge in the sector of firefighting.Claudio Giacalone, graduated in civil engineering and in engineering for workplace and environmental safety, is a manager of the National Fire Brigade. He currently serves as Commander of the Como Fire Brigade. He was a member of the special EXPO integrated supervisory commission, which assessed the safety of the exhibition pavilions of EXPO MILANO 2015. He was a member of the working group that prepared the vertical technical rule on public entertainment and entertainment activities