Building irregularities for 80% of houses? Statistics resulting from a misunderstanding


Emma Potter


The Consolidated Law on Construction: construction activities and permits for works

The TEU has undergone a series of radical changes over the years. The work, combining due rigor with an operational approach, allows us to identify, for each individual article, the law and jurisprudence in force from time to time. This is particularly useful, for example, where it is necessary to verify compliance with the regulations in force in a given period of time in order to establish the regularity of the product (which is also a necessary element in order to benefit from the fiscal Superbonuses). The work is aimed at technical professionals forced to deal daily with standards that are difficult to interpret even for experts. The manual examines in detail the first part of the Consolidated Construction Law (articles 1-51) focused on construction activity and qualifications and presents a series of peculiarities that differentiate it from similar works: – each article presents the current text and the historical version, indicating the intervening law; – the articles are enriched by a commentary and over 2,000 jurisprudential references; – the jurisprudence reports: the reference (judging body, Section, date and number), a title to orient the reader and the maxim . The text of the code is updated with over 35 legislative provisions starting from the Lunardi law up to the Simplifications decree. The appendix contains the so-called standardized definitions and the overview of the main construction works according to the Madia reform. Donato Palombella graduated in Law (four-year degree) with top marks and applause from the commission, discussing a thesis in Administrative Law. He has a Master's degree for Corporate Lawyers obtained from the University of Bologna with specialization in public works; subsequently he followed numerous specialist courses on legal, economic and financial topics. He has acquired over thirty years of experience in real estate law, first within professional firms and then in companies operating in the construction-real estate sector. Historical collaborator of numerous specialist newspapers of national importance, he participates in the scientific committee of some legal journals. He is the author of numerous works on construction, urban planning, consumer protection in the real estate sector, real estate contracts and condominiums present in the main university libraries and regional councils.