Green Appliance Bonus Coming Soon: What We Know So Far


Emma Potter

No longer just Furniture Bonus for thefacilitated purchase of household appliances: seems to be a new bonus is comingmoreover free from building workswhich has already been baptized as Green Appliances BonusThe new contribution, currently being examined by the Productive Activities Commission, aims to incentivise thepurchase of energy efficient appliances.

At the moment, the main issue that needs to be resolved is that of financial coverage of the entire measure. Let’s see what we know so far about this new Green Appliance Bonus.

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Green Appliances Bonus, objectives

The new Green Appliances Bonus was proposed by the League (Alberto Luigi Gusmeroli He is the first signatory of the bill, as well as president of the 10th Commission – Productive Activities, Trade and Tourism), with three main objectives:

  • reduce bills: by promoting the adoption of more efficient household appliances, the aim is to reduce household energy costs;
  • recover obsolete appliances: the bonus in fact encourages the replacement of appliances that are no longer usable;
  • Support the electronics sector: at a time when the home appliance sector is struggling, the incentive aims to stimulate demand.

Green Appliances Bonus, how much is it?

The contribution provided by the Green Appliances Bonus should correspond to the 30% of the purchase costwith a maximum of 100 euros for everyone, and of 200 euros for families with ISEE lower than 25 thousand euros.

Each category of household appliances can benefit from the contribution only onceso it seems it will be possible use the bonus multiple timesbut for different types of household appliances. It is still to be understood how it will be requested.

Green Appliances Bonus, for which appliances

The bonus will be granted for the purchase of household appliances in the following energy classes:

  • Washing machines and washer-dryers: not less than the class A;
  • Dishwasher: not less than the class C;
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: not less than the class D.

Green Appliances Bonus, financial coverage

The closures should be completed over the next few days. formal hearings on the project. The next step will be carried out by the 10th Commission of Montecitorio, which – by the summer – should examine the project.

Confesercenti has already requested theExtension of the Green Appliance Bonus to businesses. While Aires, the association that brings together companies and distribution groups specializing in household appliances (which adheres to Confcommercio), hopes that the contribution can become more significant. As we were saying, however, the main issue to be resolved is precisely the financial coverage of the measure.

The Green Appliances Bonus project foresees the establishment, within the Ministry of Environment and Energy Securitya special fund, with an endowment equal to 400 million euros per yearstarting from the three-year period 2023-2025 (so it would start retroactively, also covering the expenses incurred last year). However, there is the possibility that the program could be postponed to the three-year period 2024-2026.

Goodbye to the Furniture and Appliances Bonus?

We await confirmation and further information on the Green Appliances Bonus, hoping that the introduction of this relief for the purchase of household appliances is not a further indication of the “death” of the Furniture and Household Appliances Bonusfor now confirmed only until the end of 2024, and with a significantly reduced spending cap compared to previous years >> here you can find all the information on the Furniture and Appliances Bonus