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Emma Potter

Design and transformations in the presence of constraints

Constraints on building activity are everything that is added to the general building rules contained in the Consolidated Building Act. Are constraints friends or enemies? The question is a bit provocative but it serves to introduce a concept: constraints are often seen as monsters to defend oneself from, partly because they sometimes come out suddenly, partly because they often have very complex rules or require authorization steps whose meaning is difficult to grasp. This manual offers the technician a valuable tool for understanding constraints and their management in the case of designing new buildings or transforming existing ones. Through a clear and rigorous discussion, the Author shows operationally how to verify the presence and prepare the appropriate documentation to present for the issuing of authorizations, a particularly complex topic that the manual addresses with a practical approach, even where it is necessary to operate in compliance verification (or “sanatoria”). It is therefore an essential work both for the private professional and for the operators of the technical offices of the public administration and from whose reading it will be possible to understand that “the constraint” also represents a job opportunity for the attentive and scrupulous technician. Marco Campagna Freelance architect. Over the years he has had the opportunity to study the themes of urban planning applied to building interventions, both by carrying out practices in first person and by working as a consultant or as an expert, both on behalf of private individuals and companies, simultaneously carrying out designs and work management for various real estate recovery and enhancement interventions. He was a member of the Urban Planning Commission of the Order of Engineers of Rome, trainer and teacher in various refresher and professional development courses at the same Order and at other organizations.