Home safe: advantages and types


Emma Potter

Installing a safe inside your home is a reliable method to ensure safety and peace of mind during absences.

Hiding objects in conventional places does not offer sufficient protection. Therefore, the safest choice is to opt for a high-quality safe, designed to keep valuable assets safe and ensure privacy.

There are various types of safes, including wall-mounted ones, which satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements, as well as solutions such as floor safes or cabinet safes, all designed to offer innovation and security.

Having a safe at home: the advantages.

Installing a safe in your home can be justified by several reasons. First of all, it is essential for protecting and storing cash, checks or credit cards.

Furthermore, jewelery and valuables must be protected from possible theft. Likewise, important files and documents require adequate protection. For those who own weapons, it can represent a safe place for their storage.

Personal privacy can be guaranteed by hiding sensitive objects and documents. Furthermore, the use of a safe is practical and convenient, allowing you to keep valuable items in order and safe.

Fireproof safes also protect documents from fire and combustion damage. Owning one offers peace of mind when traveling, knowing that your possessions are safe.

Finally, the vast range of models and locks available allows you to find the solution that best suits your security needs.

The safe represents not only a device for storing documents, objects and money, but also a furnishing element that must be considered from a design point of view.

There are several models available, not just large ones; small cabinet models are particularly popular, as they offer a functional option for those who need practical furniture.

It is therefore ideal for both domestic use, with the mobile safe for the home, and for the business environment, including commercial activities with a VAT number.

The floor safe is installed directly into the concrete used for the construction of the building in which you intend to place it.

To mount it, it is necessary to drill a sufficiently deep hole in the desired flooring and cover it with a tile identical to the surrounding covering, in order to camouflage it with the environment.

It is strongly recommended to further hide the tile with a piece of furniture such as a carpet or an easily movable piece of furniture, such as a desk or an armchair, thus making the safe practically invisible and extremely difficult, if not impossible, to locate and remove for a potential thief.

Since robust anchoring is essential to ensure safety, it is recommended to entrust the assembly of the floor safe to specialized technicians.

The wall safe, a compact size security device, is designed to be installed directly inside the wall, as its name suggests.

Among the most notable models, the digital wall safe stands out, which uses modern, simple to use and reliable technologies, offering effective protection for any type of object.