How to choose the perfect sliding door for our home?


Emma Potter

Today many Italians, when the time comes to choose the door, opt for the sliding system. This should not be surprising, because it is a solution that knows how to combine style and functionality, with the ability to respond to different needs, from space to design. Naturally, the choice of a sliding door must also take into consideration various factors, such as materials and types, given that the market presents a multitude of options.

The types of sliding doors.

Sliding doors are essentially divided into two categories: those that disappear, or inside the wall, and those that are outside the wall. The former are designed to fit inside a compartment made in the wall when opened, completely disappearing from view and reducing clutter to a minimum. An external wall sliding door, on the other hand, slides along the wall through tracks fixed externally. This system eliminates the need for major building work and easily adapts to any space. The track, usually exposed, in turn becomes a design element, further enriching the aesthetics of the environment.

As far as materials are concerned, wood and glass are among the most used. The first offers all the warmth of tradition, integrates easily with both classic and rustic environments, and guarantees an excellent level of soundproofing. The versatility of wood also allows you to obtain different effects in terms of finishes and workmanship, so you can adapt these doors to any domestic space or furnishing style. Conversely, glass doors perform at their maximum potential when placed in a modern or minimal context.

Other information to evaluate.

When choosing, it is also a good idea to evaluate the quality of the mechanisms. A fluid and silent sliding system helps to obtain a decidedly more sober result, and therefore more suitable for the typical needs of those looking for a comfortable home. Furthermore, the mechanisms should always be robust and long-lasting, and it is also advisable to consider the presence or absence of sliding slowdown systems: a must to avoid damage due to a possible violent impact.

Thermal and acoustic insulation is another very important aspect, as a door should also provide a reliable barrier against noise and heat escape. In terms of safety, you need to pay particular attention especially if you choose a glass door. The material, in fact, should have a structure that can withstand impacts and blows. On a stylistic level, smoked glass is without a doubt one of the most sought after, especially when combined with stainless steel profiles.

Obviously the right choice is always the one that manages to harmonize perfectly with the style of our domestic spaces. As mentioned, however, there are so many options that it is really difficult not to find an ideal solution for our case. Especially when you turn to a company with long experience in the sector, with a catalog that is always up to date and capable of meeting the needs of every customer.