Infinito, the first shower cubicle with magnetic levitation opening


Emma Potter

Infinito magnetic levitation opening shower enclosure: over 200 thousand opening and closing cycles

Infinite in every aspect, from name to functionality, it is a product designed to last over time.

Equipped with a practically eternal duration, Infinite stands out as one of the most resistant shower enclosures on the marketwith over 200 thousand cycles of opening and closing, equal to ten times the longevity of a traditional shower enclosure.

210 cm of design and innovation

Undisputed leader among sliding doors, Infinite stands out for its extraordinary height of 210 cm, surpassing all other shower enclosures. Its reduced profiles have been designed to confer unparalleled elegance, combined with the door opening and closing mechanism that distinguishes the shower enclosure.

Finally, with only 9 mm distance between sliding door and fixed wall, Infinite it is forged with an aesthetic device, which distinguishes a product created to be recognisable.

Infinito, the first shower enclosure with magnetic levitation opening INFINITO SC1 160 VERT red

Brand new micrometric bearing adjustment

Thanks to micrometric adjustment of the bearings, it is possible to adjust the door during installation with extreme precision, simply using a hex key. This innovative method allows precise adjustment in a single movement, always ensuring optimal and smooth operation.

Functionality and cleanliness

In addition to technical and aesthetic attention, Infinite also offers simple and functional cleaning methodswith a lower release system for the door and hidden screws in the wall profiles, together with 8 mm glass treated against limescale.


Safety is priority with a new anti-release system of the door which prevents the door from coming out of the track during opening, as well as a slowdown system which prevents sudden openings and closings.

Certified by TÜV SÜD for safety, reliability and durability, Infinite offers high level aesthetic and functional solutionsintegrating perfectly into any bathroom environment with style and advanced technology.

Infinito, the first shower enclosure with magnetic levitation opening INFINITO SF F 140 90 VERT red

Sustainable shower enclosure

Infinite he also strives to be sustainable innovationwith the use of technology magnetic levitation to reduce friction and improve the energy efficiency of a product, such as a shower cubicle, which is normally subject to wear and tear. This, together with the high-quality materials and long product life, contributes to a significant reduction in the need to replace mechanical components, thus reducing resource consumption.

Different versions, same magnetic revolution

Available in different versions, such as corner with fixed side (SF+F) e niche (SC1), offering the same revolutionary technologies in both solutions, for flexibility and versatility that embrace the different configurations of the bathroom.

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