Infrastructure decree: all measures approved


Emma Potter

Update of the economic-financial plans of motorway concessions

One of the main provisions concerns the regulation of the updating of economic-financial plans from the motorway concessions.

This measure is necessary to ensure the economic sustainability of motorway infrastructureswhile ensuring that operators can make adequate investments in the maintenance and development of networks.

Construction of the Messina narrow bridge

The decree-law provides measures to guarantee the timely operation of the company Stretto di Messina SpAwith the purpose of respect the timetable for the creation of the stable connection between Sicily and Calabria.

Through administrative simplifications, it will be possible to approve the executive project by construction phases, thus accelerating implementation times.

Rationalization of extraordinary commissioners

Another crucial point concerns the rationalization of tasks and functions of the extraordinary commissioners, with the aim of reduce their number and increase efficiency in the use of available resources.

Impulse for the works of the Trans-European Transport Network

The decree introduces provisions to give new impetus to the creation and completion of the works included in the core network of the trans-European transport network.

These infrastructures are essential to improve the connectivity and competitiveness of the Italian transport system at European level.

Operation of the Authority for the Venice Lagoon

As regards the Venice lagoon, the decree provides for thestart of the operational phase of the Authority in charge. This body will be responsible for ensuring the creation or completion of the infrastructure interventions necessary for the protection and sustainable development of the lagoon.

Infrastructural interventions Liguria Region

The decree-law includes measures for support infrastructure interventions in the Liguria Region and for the completion of the Polytechnic School at the Genoa Erzelli scientific and technological park.

Strengthening of the Petruzzelli and Theaters Foundation of Bari

The Petruzzelli opera-symphonic foundation and theaters of Bari will benefit from a strengthening institutional operationsensuring greater efficiency in the management and promotion of cultural activities.

Measures for the criminal trial

The decree also provides measures aimed at guaranteeing a greater efficiency of criminal proceedings. These measures aim to speed up trials, reduce waiting times and improve the overall efficiency of the justice system.

National and international strategic investments

To support strategic investments, both at national and international level, the decree provides for a increase of 150 million eurosfor 2024, of revolving fund 394/81 managed by SIMEST Spa

These funds will be mainly intended for Italian companies operating in Africa, with the aim of promoting digital, ecological, productive or commercial investments. Furthermore, for companies in Southern Italy, a increase in the share of non-repayable co-financing up to 20%.

Support for youth sports

Finally, to protect youth nurseries and the investments of sports associations and clubs, the decree one year extension (from 1 July 2024 to 1 July 2025) i terms for the abolition of the sporting restrictionensuring continuity and stability for athletes and sports organizations.