Mandatory training for surveyors: everything you need to know


Emma Potter

How to fulfill the training obligation?

The CNGeGL regulation for continuous professional training establishes that the training obligation of surveyors can be fulfilled in various ways. First, dating courses university or master's degrees. They are also allowed seminarsstudy days or trips, technical visits, internship during the period of school-work alternation.

Furthermore, the training obligation is considered respected in case of publications of technical-professional or scientific articles in magazines with at least provincial circulation, or by participating in state exam commissions, or by giving presentations during training events.

Other ways to respect thetraining obligation I'm getting a role from entrusted professional for at least 6 months for the purposes of the internship, and technical/operational interventions in the context of professional activities in emergency situations.

Furthermore, it is possible to obtain professional training credits by following some online courses at accredited bodieslike those proposed by This last solution can be particularly comfortable because it allows you to access the courses in any time of the daysimply using a device with an internet connection.

Training credits

As anticipated, the guidelines require surveyors to achieve a determined number of training creditsin order to update themselves in their own profession.

Within the three-year reference period, surveyors are required to accumulate at least sixty credits training courses, some of which (precisely 24) cannot be obtained through workshops and symposiums. The purpose of the Presidential Decree cited several times is to guarantee a continuous training requiring certain professionals (including surveyors) to provide meticulous and regular updating over the years.

Where a surveyor does not accumulate the expected number of credits, he or she may receive a reminderthat is, an official notice from the President of the Disciplinary Councilwho is required to report the non-compliance.

But there is more, if the surveyor does not even reach the 20% of training credits that it should achieve in the reference time period, risks the Suspension of the activity until six months.

Therefore, it is clear that surveyors are required to continuously update themselves since, otherwise, they may have difficulty carrying out their work and be sanctioned in various ways.

Accreditation of training credits

In order to obtain theaccreditation of training credits, surveyors are required to submit a specific explicit request through the form on the website of College to the Continuing Education Section (external course accreditation).

Inside the form it is possible to indicate the purpose of the course followed ei sectors that pertain to the subject matter covered therein, information that is necessary to allow the College Secretariat to codify the inclusion of the training event.

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