Post-disaster decree scheme on reconstruction, civil protection and major events approved


Emma Potter

The main articles of the post-disaster decree

Article 1: contributions to private entities
Article 1 provides contributions for private entities not carrying out social, economic and productive activities that have suffered damage to movable property due to flood events from 1 May 2023 in the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marche regions.

Article 2: reconstruction and contributions
In the context of reconstruction in flood-affected regions, Article 2 establishes that, for non-rebuildable buildings, contributions can cover up to 100% of expenses for the purchase of alternative building areas or properties available for residential or productive use in the same municipality.

Article 3: procedure for contributions
Article 3 edit the procedure for granting and disbursing contributions for private reconstruction, allowing the Extraordinary Commissioner to make use of public bodies and state bodies for the checks on the financed interventions.

Article 4: fixed-term hiring
Article 4 allows local authorities in the affected regions to draw on the rankings in force of other administrations, except those of the Police Force, for fixed-term hiring.

Article 5: power of the Extraordinary Commissioner
Article 5 gives the Special Commissioner the power to identify further implementing entities for reconstruction interventions, without burdens on public finances.

Article 6: railway infrastructure
Article 6 includes railway infrastructure in special plans, allowing the Extraordinary Commissioner to sign an agreement with the company RFI spa, informing the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Article 7: authentic interpretation
Article 7 provides an authentic interpretation to resolve application doubts regarding theresource allocation to technical services and qualified assistance from CIPESS.

Article 8: extension of contributions
Article 8 extends coverage contributions for the restoration of structures and infrastructures, public and privatedamaged, as well as the damage suffered by economic and productive activities to private assets and economic and productive activities, also due to the calamitous events that occurred in 2022-2023 for which a state of national emergency was declared and “for which financing has not already been provided for under primary law”.

Article 9: hiring for the Italia Meteo Agency
Article 9 authorizes the Italia Meteo Agency to resort tohiring of staff through competitive procedures and drawing on existing rankings.

Article 10: Spending provisions
Article 10 provides for: the coverage of costs for public order services at the G7 Summit in Brindisi, the increase of 1,500 units for the personnel of the Armed Forces for the security of the summit, air and maritime defense in the Adriatic area, implementation of the duty shifts of the firefighters, I postpone, not before 31 December 2024, the extraordinary hiring of units of the National Fire Brigade.

Article 11: “Milano Cortina 2026” foundation
Article 11 clarifies the legal nature of the “Milano Cortina 2026” Foundation, establishing that it operates under private law and is not subject to public law regulations, confirming its entrepreneurial and competitive nature.