Order for the state exam for architects and engineers 2024: news on the exam methods


Emma Potter

State exam for architects and engineers 2024: the dates

For the professions of conservative landscape architect, civil engineer, industrial engineer and information engineer, the sessions are planned as follows:

I session

  • five-year degrees: starting on 25 July 2024;
  • three-year degrees: starting on 31 July 2024.

Deadline for submitting the registration application: June 24, 2024.

II session

  • five-year degrees: starting November 14, 2024;
  • three-year degrees: starting on 21 November 2024.

Deadline for submitting the registration application: October 21, 2024.

Exam methods

L'article 10, paragraph 1, of the Ordinance makes a significant change compared to the last sessions.

Both the first and second sessions of 2024 will include an oral testwhich will join the any written or practical testswhere required by law, e will take place in person in the locations specified in the annex to the ordinance.

Single test or not?

This year's formulation introduces something new: the exam is in derogation from the current rules, which confirms the advances of the Milleproroghe decree of 30 December 2023. However, maintaining the in-person oral test seems deny the possibility of online exams.

Although the ordinance includes reference to written or practical tests, its literal application appears deny that this represents a real exemption compared to standard regulations.

In order to streamline the procedure, the hope is that, despite the ambiguity, the conduct of the exam for architects and engineers will remain similar to that of past years, with the only substantial change represented by the confirmation of the in-person exam.

Waiting for further clarification

The ambiguities ofarticle 10 they might generate various interpretationssuch as the return to a traditional in-person exam format with practical, written and oral tests, or the delegation to each faculty in the management of exam methods. A subsequent explanatory circular may also be necessary to clarify these points.

For the moment, university faculties have not yet updated their web pages with detailed information on the management of the 2024 state exams. It will be essential to monitor the updates of the institutional sites and wait for the promulgation of the rectoral decrees for each faculty, to have a clear picture and definitive of the examination procedures.