Renovate the shower cubicle: here are the incentives available


Emma Potter

When you intend to renovate bathroom furnishingsit is important to know all the concessions and incentives available, made available by the State not only to make one of the fundamental rooms of the house more comfortable, but also to enhance it in terms of safety, energy efficiency And savings on consumption.

The quality of the furnishings and structures present in a bathroom, whether it is a house in the countryside or an apartment in the city, increases the value of the property: below, we will discover together what the tax breaks and deductions available for the renovation of the shower cubicle.

What does it include and how can you use it?

The bathroom, as we know, is the corner of paradise in your home, where you can take care of daily hygiene but also relax, pamper yourself and take care of yourself.

Well yes, thanks to the incentives made available by the Government in the current year, it is possible to transform and enhance it without having to spend a fortune.

As time passes, the bathroom is one of the rooms that most needs refreshing, renovation of sanitary ware, tiles, floors: the bathroom bonus 2024which also includes the renovation of the shower cubicleallows the private individual to undertake restoration work without the budget increasing too much.

The bonus for bathroom renovation it is a benefit promoted by the Government reserved for those who wish retrain healthcare workersand provides for the deduction of expenses incurred up to 50%.

The Government incentive gives the possibility of renovate the bathroom and turn the tub into a transparent glass boxin a comfortable cabin made of designer resins and insulating materials that ensure functionalitywith aesthetic rendering.

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The tax relief allows you to replace the old shower curtain with sliding frosted glass doors: with this bonus it is possible to proceed with the renovation works and obtain a reimbursement of half the costs.

Who can benefit from it?

The beneficiaries of the benefit are: private citizens who own the property, for residential use, or whoever has the use of it. Furthermore, tenants living in a condominium or cohabiting family members can request the bonus.

In summary, everyone has the opportunity to benefit from this deduction taxpayers subject to IRPEF who own the building in question and who undertake to bear the costs of the renovation works.

Furthermore, it is necessary to regularly carry out the tax declaration and notify your municipality of residence of the interventions you wish to undertake.

What does the 2024 bathroom renovation bonus include?

The incentives for bathroom renovation 2024 they cover a wide variety of possibilities.

For example, we start with i works of Extraordinary maintenancesuch as the replacement and renewal of bathroom pipes, therefore plumbing works that can improve the use of the bathroom itself: these interventions fall within the so-called energy redevelopment projectsas a broken pipe causes infiltration, humidity, mould, encrustations and a general unhealthy environment which damages the person's health.

They always fall into this branch of interventions replacement of tiles and coverings, the laying of new floors, the improvements on windows and doors: these elements are fundamental for the home and must perform well to allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation.

There transformation of the bathtub into a shower cubiclewhich is the topic that interests us most, is rightfully included in the interventions that improve the accessibility of the room, in a vision of elimination of so-called architectural barriers for greater individual comfort.

Just consider, for example, the elderly person who is no longer able to get in and out of the bathtub: the replacement with a shower cubicle it is the intelligent choice to improve the use of the bathroom and to facilitate all types of access and movement.

The shower box can be designed with particular sliding or folding doors that open easily, with a seat inside that allows you to wash comfortably or with gripping anti-slip coatings; or again, you can install special supports, such as handles, with which to support yourself and avoid the risk of falling.

The shower tray it is of fundamental importance and is an element that must be replaced if broken or old: there are many models on the market, a flush with the floor or recessedslightly inclined to allow the water to flow better into the drain and reduce stagnation.

Also shower enclosure materials are very important and it is necessary to evaluate the best anti-mold coatings, water-repellent and waterproof resins that allow maximum cleaning and hygiene, easy maintenance and, obviously, with a captivating aesthetic appeal.

From the perspective of a removal of architectural barriers (and the traditional bathtub falls into this category), the bathroom bonus 2024 provides for a reimbursement of the expenses of 75%up to a maximum of €50,000.

An advantage for the whole family

The bathroom renovation it is a renovation job that increases the value of the house, and the 2024 bonus provides relief for both single-family houses and condominiums who live in an apartment.

If the need is to replace the classic bathtubbecause it is now old and obsolete, ruined by encrustations, or unusable, with a comfortable shower cubicleit is important to know that you can take advantage of the 2024 shower bonus also with regards to the installation of details stair lifts or motorized up-and-down liftsuseful to assist an elderly or disabled family member.

The installation work of these elements that improve walking and orthopedic nurseries are fully included in the tax deductions and reliefs promoted by the Government.

For any clarification, the construction professional and the private citizen can consult the IRPEF websiteand specifically the section regarding concessions and deductions that concern the renovation of the house.