VEPA, removable panoramic windows: the guide to permits and costs


Emma Potter

The term VEPA refers to particular types of panoramic windows that not only ensure brightness to the environment, but which guarantee low consumption it's great thermal-acoustic insulation: these fixtures are the right choice for those who want comfort and a livable, welcoming and beautiful home.

Let's find out what the characteristics and performances of VEPAs are, how much they cost and what permits are required to install them.

Panoramic windows, the eco-sustainable choice

With the acronym VEPA details are meant removable panoramic windows which have become over the years the strong point of contemporary and sustainable designthe construction sector that seeks to combine functionality, energy efficiency And aesthetic appeal.

These structures not only play a fundamental role in the aesthetic structure of the building, as they guarantee an infinite and uninterrupted view, but they contribute to the thermal regulation of the building, as they promote considerable overall energy savings.

After the last modification of the decree Aid Biswhich regulates tax breaks and incentives regarding energy requalification interventions, VEPAs are to all intents and purposes included in the free construction works.

The panoramic windows they increase the value of the building as they beautify the facade, they are excellent thermo-acoustic insulators and guarantee a spectacular view, especially if they are installed in a location with an impressive landscape and artistic backdrop.

Not only that, because VEPAs are perfect if you want to give an aesthetic twist to the property and the facade, best interpreting the concept of industrial design: these particular fixtures, in fact, immediately give a feeling of elegance, refinement, have a clean and essential style as the motto dictates less is more.

In addition, the panoramic windows are easily removable and ensure quality as flexibility and customizationin line with the most current design trends.

How are VEPAs made?

The panoramic removable windows are great structures glass screen without vertical profiles, with sliding doors that close on themselves: the windows are built with fixing screws (not anchoring) on ​​a specific guide made of aluminium.

The peculiarity of these fixtures is the reduction of any type of permanent fixing structures: lightening the building intervention is the mission of VEPA, as the use of steel walled frames is avoided and the use of plinths and welding is limited to a minimum.

The VEPA they can be fixed on balcony or on the veranda of your apartmentwith the aim of better use of the outdoor space.

The removable panoramic windows they do not change the intended use of the property or the volume, and are therefore the intelligent solution for those who want an easy intervention that protects their home from atmospheric agents.

At the endVEPAs contribute to reduce the impact of concrete on the urban fabriclimit the constant reduction of land due to ferocious construction, and are an efficient eco-sustainable solution because they are excellent thermal-acoustic insulators.

Why choose VEPA removable panoramic windows?

The glass it is a building material much appreciated by contemporary architects and designers: first of all, it is an element that cancel volume and spacegiving a feeling of lightness and elegance to the entire environment.

Thanks to his transparencyallows nature and the outdoor landscape to come into contact with the interior of the house, and creates a truly spectacular play of colors and lights.

The glass escapes shape and generates real dynamic chromatic paintings with an effect that transform based on the reflection of the light and the time of day, rain or sun.

Another advantage of VEPAs is the ability to create a real insulating screen from heat, cold and atmospheric agents.

The removable windows, which can be installed with a sliding mechanismbellows or folding, they significantly reduce dispersion and energy consumption of the House.

In practice, these glass fixtures keep the heat inside the rooms in winter, ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment when it is cold, and cool the walls of the building from the scorching heat in summer: they work like a screen, like a shield that it bounces off the UV rays of the sun, the most aggressive ones.

How much does it cost to install VEPAs?

If you wish to install the removable panoramic windows on the balcony and you want to create a veranda in which to enjoy the space comfortably, know that the installation of these particular glass frames is rightfully part of the free building interventionstherefore no special permissions are required.

As for the price, sliding or folding removable glass doors cost around €400 per square meterfor structures of 3 meters and a thickness of approximately 10 mm.

To conclude, VEPAs are truly the best solution for those who want to beautify the facade of the house, combining comfort and energy savingaesthetic performance, functionality and a lower impact on the environment.