Renovating your bathroom: five useful tips


Emma Potter

The bath it is one of the most important rooms in a house, here we prepare to go to school, work or relax with a hot bath. It can often happen that this environment no longer satisfies our needs daily needs, we realize that the taps are worn out, that the wall heating system is no longer useful to us or the lighting is not adequate for our beauty rituals. Thus the need arises renovate the bathroom.

Apparently, it may seem like aarduous undertakingbut with i advice that you will find below it will be possible to transform this space into an oasis of comfort and functionality without stress.

Here you are five practical suggestions to renovate the bathroom:

Planning and budgeting

The first phase of any project, be it renovation, modernization or beautification, is the planning. This action concerns the need to establish i needsi ways to satisfy them and the budget that you have available.

Establish a realistic budget it is essential to avoid excessive spending and to make thoughtful choices. Start with an analysis of your needs: do you only want an aesthetic update or do you need work on the pipes, therefore, a complete renovation? Which elements can you keep and which ones do you necessarily have to replace? Can you do it yourself or do you have to rely on an expert?

If the works are large, consult more professionals of the sector for a detailed quote. Many offer this service and consultancy for free or at low cost, so you can better understand the costs, timing and interventions to be implemented.

Choose the right materials

For a bathroom that lasts a long timethe choice of materials it is crucial. Not only for durability but also for aesthetics. The materials you choose must be above all moisture resistant. Among these we find ceramic, glass, marble and stainless steel, ideal because they are long-lasting and easy to maintain and clean. If you want a touch of luxury and your budget allows it, you can opt for natural materials like marble or granite, but remember that they require extra care both for cleaning and maintenance. For the flooringbut also for the shower cornerconsider using large format tiles as they will reduce the number of grout lines, making cleaning easier.

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Optimize space

Especially i small bathrooms they are the ones that you decide to remodel or reorganize most often. In this case optimize space it’s essential and the use of space-saving solutions can make a real difference. Shelves, mirrored cabinets and multifunctional furniture are excellent allies for keeping the bathroom organized and spacious.

The importance of lighting

The lighting in the bathroom it is very important, shaving, make-up and body cleansing require light. Additionally, adequate lighting can transform the look of your bathroom making it a relaxing place where you can dedicate yourself to body care.

General ceiling lighting combined with directional lights around the mirror improve visibility, the LED lights they are an excellent choice for their low energy consumption and long life. For a touch of class, add dimmable lights that allow you to adjust the light intensity depending on the time of day or the activity you are carrying out.

Choose quality sanitary ware and taps

As already mentioned, i materials they are very important for durability and for modernizing the bathroom. Also healthcare and the taps they must be of quality to avoid making the same expense again after a short while
time. Choose models that combine design And functionality, such as water-saving toilets and taps with flow restrictors. Opt for stainless steel or chromed brass taps, materials that are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.