Why insulate the attic with cellulose


Emma Potter

For a safer and more isolated environment, to save energy costs on the bill and to optimize the architectural structures of a building, it is important to insulate the attic from the outside. Attic insulation has many advantages, especially if it is carried out using eco-sustainable materials such as cellulose, inserted into empty spaces using quick and inexpensive techniques.

The insulation of the attic with cellulose can be done by blowing, which is a thermal insulation method that involves the injection of the fibers of this ecological and insulating material into the empty spaces and cracks of the attic. The advantages of this operation are numerous, here are what they are.

Improved energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency allows for faster and better distribution of energy with a reduction in bill costs. The insulation activity allows us to avoid heat loss in winter, when heating is used, while in summer it keeps the environment cool and isolated from high external temperatures.

This allows the maintenance of a constant temperature inside the house. Furthermore, with this intervention the living comfort is superior, as is the degree of eco-sustainability of the building.

Noise reduction.

For greater comfort, it is equally important to protect the house from external noise. Cellulose even has sound-absorbing qualities, so it contributes to sound insulation. In other words, it interrupts sound waves by filtering out external noise.

Rain, traffic, voices, moving cars will be muffled and distant noises, thanks to the barrier created with this solution.

Fire resistant.

There is the possibility of treating it with fireproof substances (usually boron salts), to provide the attic with further protection against flames. In this way the house will generally be safer against possible fires.

Furthermore, it is a dense material that prevents flames from entering the home. Insulating the attic proves to be a prevention choice in the event of extreme events.

Easy installation.

Used in the injection operation in the empty spaces of the attic, cellulose is also easy and quick to install, with excellent performance at low costs.

In the blowing process it is used in the form of light flakes and blown through special machinery without the need for invasive interventions in the architecture, without breaking or dismantling walls or load-bearing walls.

Sustainability and respect for the environment.

Cellulose is considered an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly material compared to other insulating materials.

It is usually made from recycled materials, such as recycled paper, and its production requires less energy and fewer CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is a material that does not present toxicity and is biodegradable.

Good quality/price ratio.

The choice of cellulose is an advantageous option even in terms of quality/price.

This material offers many benefits, from energy savings to increased comfort and safety, but has an economical cost compared to other insulating materials.

Insulating the attic with cellulose is an eco-sustainable, inexpensive and effective solution for improving the comfort of a home and energy efficiency. Furthermore, it reduces the impact of external noise, increases safety in the event of fire and is an ecological and environmentally friendly choice.