Seismic safety and urgent interventions: what the Campi Flegrei Decree provides


Emma Potter

Focus on intervention measures

The legislation allocates 20 million euros for the current yearintended to finance the first anti-seismic intervention actions, focusing on two main areas: building stock and essential transport infrastructure. Specifically, the measures include:

  • interventions on the building heritage – including the private sector, the legislation aims to strengthen buildings located in the “intervention zone”, delimited by the Department of Civil Protection based on the latest bradyseismic uplift and seismicity data. This area includes the territories of the municipalities directly affected by the phenomenon;
  • redevelopment of transport infrastructure – or interventions to ensure the functionality of transport infrastructures and other essential services, already identified in a previous survey pursuant to the decree-law of 12 October 2023.

The role of the Extraordinary Commissioner

To ensure effective and timely implementation of the measures, the decree provides for the appointment of an extraordinary commissioner within fifteen days from the publication of the Decree. The Commissioner will have the task of coordinating the implementation of the projects, ensuring effective intervention even in the event of inertia on the part of local authorities.

The Commissioner, who will remain in office until 31 December 2027will also have the task of preparing urgent intervention programsaimed at both the seismic redevelopment of public buildings and the maintenance of critical infrastructures.

Simplification and acceleration of interventions

The decree introduces important simplification and acceleration measures for interventions in the Campi Flegrei area. The planned interventions will be considered urgent, non-deferrable and of public utility with the possibility of creating variations to existing urban planning tools. Furthermore, potentials are expected acceleration bonuses and penalties to ensure the speed of works.

Support for the continuity of school activities

In response to the earthquake of 20 May 2024, the Municipality of Pozzuoli will take care of the Restoration of unusable school buildings as a consequence of the seismic event of 20 May 2024, while the Campania Region will be able to use temporary prefabricated modules so as not to interrupt the teaching activity. These actions demonstrate the commitment to minimizing the impact of seismic events on the daily lives of citizens.

Contribution to evicted families

With the Campi Flegrei Decree a independent accommodation contribution intended for families whose main residence was vacated due to unusability in execution of measures adopted, by the date of entry into force of the decree-lawof the competent authorities as a result of theseismic event of May 20, 2024.

The contribution is paid starting from the date indicated in order to vacate the property and until the conditions for returning to the home have been met, or the housing needs have been met satisfied in a stable manner. Labor taxes they cannot be paid after 31 December 2025 and are not recognized if the housing need has been temporarily fulfilled free of charge by a public administration.

For the seismic redevelopment and the restoration of unusable residential buildingsa contribution is recognized for restoration interventions in favor of families whose main, habitual and continuous residencehas been damaged and cleared due to unusability in implementation of measures adopted after the earthquake of 20 May 2024. The contribution is also due to families whose main, usual and continuous residence has been damaged and cleared due to unusability.

Ban on the issuance of new building permits

The Campi Flegrei Decree establishes specific prohibitions in relation to the release of new building permits for interventions new construction.