Surveyors and Home Savers: between cautious optimism and widespread skepticism


Emma Potter

General Opinions on the Decree

From the results of the investigation it emerges that the 41.8% of those interviewed have afavorable opinion on the Save Home Decree, with 7.2% considering it very positively and the 34.6% quite positively.

However, a significant portion of the sample (29%) maintains aneutral opinionwhile the 29.2% expresses a negative opinionindicating a split in the perceptions of technical professionals.

Impact on the real estate market

One of the main concerns is theimpact of the decree on the real estate market. The majority of those interviewed (57.1%) believes that the decree will have alimited influencewhile the 10.1% think that it will have no effect.

Only the 4.9% expect significant impact.

Regularization of irregular building situations

Regarding the ability of the decree to improve the regularization of irregular building situationsThe 55.1% of those interviewed believe they will have a limited impactwhile the 7.2% sees no benefit.

However, a significant 37.7% expect a very or somewhat positive impactindicating that a significant group of technicians recognize a improvement potential in the new measures.

Facilitation of building permits in regularization

Even the process of obtaining building permits in sanatorium is seen with skepticism.

The 55.8% of those interviewed believe that the decree will facilitate it little or not at allwhile the 35.9% sees the decree as a effective solution to streamline these processes.

Structure of sanctions

Relatively to the new sanctions structureThe 33.5% of those interviewed maintains one neutral positionWhile almost 50% has a’overall negative opinion. Only the 17.6% expresses a positive opinionhighlighting a strong skepticism regarding the effectiveness of these new sanctions.

Increased tolerance limit

L’increase in the tolerance limit for deviations from the projects submitted to the Municipality is one of the most popular measures.

Well the 71% of those interviewed have apositive opinionperceiving this change as a significant improvement that reduces bureaucratic rigidity and improves flexibility towards project variations.

Simplification of procedures for partial discrepancies

Also there simplification of the procedure for regularising partial non-conformities compared to the titles deposited in the Municipality, it has obtained a broad consensus.

Almost the 60% of the participants has apositive opinionhighlighting the usefulness of this measure to speed up administrative processes.

Certification of the legitimate condition of the properties

There Simplification of the certification of the legitimate status of real estate based only on the last title filed has received positive feedback by the 61.1% of the interviewees, while only the 19.5% he expressed negative opinions​.

Simplification of changes of intended use

The simplification of changes of intended use without works is considered one advantageous measure by 73% of technical professionals, with only the 27% That expresses a negative opinion​.

Silent consent for amnesty practices

Finally, the introduction of the silent assent within 45 days for the approval of the amnesty request procedures was received very positively by 36.2% of the participants e quite positively by 37%. Only 12.9% have a negative opinionindicating general approval of this measure.

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