Selling a house in Parma: the advantages of the exclusive mandate


Emma Potter

When you decide to sell a property in Parma – as in any other city -, you can follow three different and parallel main roads: 1) Private sale; 2) Choose to involve various real estate entities, without granting the sales mandate to any of them; 3) Entrust the exclusivity to a single trusted agency.

The choice of an option is extremely important: not only because each path excludes the other two, but above all because the choice will significantly influence the sales process, both from the point of view of timing and that of the final realization.

The sale of a home, in fact, is often a complex operation and not without risks. And keep in mind that, for many people, the house is the most valuable asset they own: managing its sale in an “amateur” way could be the worst mistake you can make.

A professional real estate agent, in this sense, is the best ally of those who have to sell a house: their experience and knowledge of the market and territory are fundamental to achieving their objectives. Thanks to consolidated real estate strategies, in fact, it will be possible to conclude your sale quickly and at the best value that the market can offer, at a given moment.

Therefore, if you do not have the necessary time, in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and the appropriate sales channels, private sales become an impractical choice. We are therefore left with only two options: exclusive sales or mandate to multiple agencies.

What is the exclusive sales mandate?

The exclusive mandate is a contract between the owner and a single real estate agency, which ensures the latter “exclusive” control over the sale of the property, for a well-established period. This agreement provides that the agency dedicates itself to the sale of the property using all its resources, with the aim of concluding the transaction in the shortest possible time and at the agreed price. During the validity of the contract, the owner undertakes not to undertake sales actions independently or through other intermediaries.

Although at first glance it may seem that granting an exclusive mandate limits sales opportunities, the reality is very different! Through the exclusive mandate, however, the owner is guaranteed a complete and dedicated service, which goes far beyond simply putting the property up for sale. The agency becomes a provider of specific and very high quality services to the client, making a substantial difference in the sales process.

The advantages of exclusivity.

In the Parma real estate market, opting for an exclusive sales mandate opens the door to numerous benefits, which can make the difference in the process of selling your home. Exclusivity is not just a strategic choice, but an advantageous partnership that maximizes sales opportunities, guaranteeing a personalized and superior quality service. With a single dedicated real estate agent, the owner benefits from concentrated attention on the property, targeted and professional promotion, and effective management of every aspect of the sale, from price evaluation to closing the deal. This approach ensures not only a quicker sale and at the best possible price, but also peace of mind and security in the process, crucial elements for those who want to sell their home without stress and uncertainty.

We sell some of the main benefits of the exclusive mandate.

Once an exclusive mandate has been received, the real estate agency invests significantly in terms of time, money and effort in promoting and selling the property. This includes targeted advertising strategies, advanced digital marketing and personalized engagement throughout the long and complex work process.

The authorized agency assumes total responsibility for the sale, offering a tailor-made service that respects and specifically responds to the customer's needs and the characteristics of the property. This includes accurately evaluating pricing, preparing high-quality sales materials, and arranging targeted visits with qualified potential buyers.

Among these materials, the creation of professional photographs is fundamental because it is in fact the first “meeting” between potential buyer and property. Only a mandated agency will be able to provide a photographic book that captures the strengths and soul of a property. These are very important details to give the interested audience a first correct view of the home.


The agency takes care of all the technical and bureaucratic checks before putting the property on the market. In particular, it retrieves, verifies and, if necessary, has drawn up all the necessary and/or legally required documentation to sell the property. The promotion also extends to leading online platforms, social media, trade magazines and digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

An exclusive mandate allows the agency to make a careful selection of potential buyers. This targeted approach avoids unnecessary visits and waste of time and ensures that only those seriously interested in purchasing the property take part in the negotiations.

By entrusting the property to a single agency, you avoid the risk of presenting the property with different prices and conditions on various portals, a situation that can generate confusion and mistrust in potential buyers. The exclusivity maintains the coherence of the offer, strengthening its credibility on the market.


The exclusive sales mandate in Parma represents the optimal strategic choice for those who wish to sell their property quickly and at the best price. The key is to select a reliable real estate agency, with solid experience in the local market and the skills necessary to make the most of the property. With an exclusive mandate, we guarantee an efficient, targeted and stress-free sales process, with the certainty of achieving the best possible result.