License Bonus: clickday today, bonus up to 2500 euros


Emma Potter

The click day for the 2024 driving license bonus marks an important opportunity for young Italians and Europeans who are ready starting at 12:00 todayto access fundamental training in the road haulage sector.

With an incentive that may arrive up to 2,500 eurosthis initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport opens new avenues for the acquisition of professional skills in a crucial field for the economy and mobility.

But who can benefit from this opportunity and how can you apply to obtain this financial support? Let's discover the details of this initiative together.

Who can get the driving license bonus

The driving license bonus is a great opportunity for young Italian or European citizens who have aaged between 18 and 35 years. This incentive is specifically designed for those who are interested in obtaining a driver's license or professional qualifications for driving vehicles used in the transportation of people and goods.

It's a unique chance covers 80% of the costs incurred for trainingand, up to a maximum of 2,500 euros, making it concrete help to lighten the financial burden involved in obtaining these qualifications. A fundamental aspect to underline is that the bonus does not constitute taxable income for the beneficiary and does not affect the calculation of the ISEE, making it even more advantageous.

How to apply for the driving license bonus

To access the driving license bonus, the first step is to register on dedicated online platform, accessible via the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. It is essential to have SPID, CIE or CNS credentials to proceed, underlining the importance of secure and reliable identity verification in this process.

After logging in, users have 30 minutes to complete registration and request the voucher, which is enough time if you are prepared with all the necessary information.

The process is made simple and intuitive: by filling out the appropriate form on the platform, the voucher is generated. The applicant must be an Italian or European citizen and be between 18 and 35 years old, in the period established from 1 March 2022 to 31 December 2026.

Furthermore, a declaration of intent is required, through which theuser undertakes to obtain the license and/or Driver Qualification Card (CQC) within 18 months of issuing the voucheraccepting the terms and conditions of use of the service.

How to use the driving license bonus

Once the license bonus has been obtained, the beneficiary can use it exclusively at the driving schools participating in the initiative, which have been carefully selected to guarantee quality training. When registering for the driving course, it is essential to present the voucher to the operator, who will certify its validity.

The bonus covers a wide range of training expenses, including graduation courses patents of category C (C, CE, C1, C1E) e D (D, DE, D1, D1E), dedicated respectively to the transport of goods and passengers, and the Driver Qualification Card (CQC), essential for operating in the road transport sector.

It is important to note that the voucher must be validated within sixty days of the date of issue, underlining the importance of proceeding promptly once obtained. Furthermore, the bonus amount is to be used in a single solution and any remaining amount will not be refundable or usable in the future.

With the participation of 2478 driving schools throughout Italyyoung people have the opportunity to choose the training institute that best suits their needs, thus bringing more and more students closer to achieving the professional skills required in the road transport sector.

How to activate the driving license bonus

After receiving approval for the license bonus, the next step is to activate it correctly so you can use it at participating driving schools. The voucher becomes available in the beneficiary's reserved area on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, indicating a digital process that facilitates the management and use of the voucher.

To activate the bonus, the beneficiary must access their reserved area, where they will find the voucher ready to be used.

Validating the voucher at a participating merchant is a crucial step: it must be carried out within 60 days from the date of issue of the voucher itself. This deadline underlines the importance of careful planning on the part of the beneficiary, who must organize his/her training taking into account the time required for enrolling in driving courses.

Once the voucher has been validated, it allows you to cover training costs at participating driving schools, thus offering a significant contribution to the training path of young aspiring drivers.

Why was the bonus established?

The license bonus was created with a clear objective: to stimulate the training of new drivers in the road transport sector. Established by law decree number 228 of 2021, it aims to provide concrete support to young people interested in undertaking this career, covering a significant part of the costs associated with obtaining the necessary licenses and professional qualifications.

Road transport, both of people and goods, is a fundamental pillar for the economy and mobility, and the initiative recognizes the importance of investing in new generations to ensure a sustainable and dynamic future for the sector.

Through this bonus, the government intends not only to facilitate access to professional training but also to respond to the growing demand for qualified drivers, crucial to keeping the country's transport systems efficient.