Superbonus after the Save Accounts Decree: what changes for those who started jobs without documentation?


Emma Potter

What changes for those who have started work without submitting documentation?

Following the decree no. 39/2024approved by the Council of Ministers, it was established that citizens who have started renovation works in 2023 but have not yet presented the necessary documentation can still benefit from the 70% discount if they have received and paid at least one invoice by April 4, 2024.

Those who instead they did not carry out payment in compliance with the established terms, unfortunately, they will not be able to make corrections or additionshaving been excluded from the possibility of taking advantage of the benefits provided.

We remind you that the Superbonus is from 70% for all of 2024 he was born in 65% until 31 December 2025based on current legislation.

The possibility of transmitting documentation subsequently

With the new measures, it is still possible for beneficiaries to send the necessary documentation to take advantage of the 70% discount, provided that the invoice payment conditions have been respected.

This also applies to interventions energy efficiency And reduction of seismic riskboth for jobs defined as “driving” and for “driven” ones.

Data variation and possibility of modification

The firmness of the new provisions prevents any changes to the tax data already sentcrystallizing the situation on 4 April 2024. This decision reflects the decree's desire to implement more stringent measures for the protection of public finances, limiting the opportunities for posthumous rectification and adjustment.

Stop the remission into performing.

Estimates and impacts on the sector

Currently, there are no official estimates regarding the number of citizens who have undertaken work without submitting the necessary documentation by April 4, 2024.

Paolo Biscaro, highlighting the importance of balancing the protection of public accounts with the promotion of initiatives aimed at energy recovery, underlines how incentive tools can represent not only a response to the needs imposed by climate change but also aopportunities to revive the construction sector. The latter, as demonstrated by recent data, plays a crucial role in the national economy, contributing significantly to the country's GDP.