The CTU for Building Pathologies, a practical manual


Emma Potter

The CTU for Building Pathologies

The CTU for building pathologies is a practical manual of valuable support for technical consultants called upon to express assessments of damage and defects in buildings. The CTU in the field of building pathologies must be trained, qualified, highly prepared both in the procedural aspects which concern the phase of the process in which he intervenes, both in the technical matter on which the dispute concerns, which in the specific case cannot ignore practical experience in the field as a designer and director of the works. The work provides a framework for the important part of the procedures and offers, above all, a vast series of cases, accompanied by images and commented details, of concrete situations in which consultants may encounter during the performance of their profession, providing indications, advice and rules to best fulfill their role. The authors have put systematizes the wealth of experience gained over years of work in the field, creating a book of great practical-operational value that can be immediately used by readers to acquire concrete skills in the field of technical consultancy (office and party) and in the knowledge of pathologies buildings.Pierfederico Marinoni, freelance surveyor since 1991, qualified architect, deals with building design in both the residential, industrial and public fields, technical consultancy, real estate estimates and property inventories. Official technical consultant of the Court of Bologna since 1994, author of over 500 technical briefs. For some years he has been involved in professional training. Coordinating member of the CTU Commission – Litigation – Dispute Management of the College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors of Bologna. Formerly an effective member of the Territorial Discipline Council of the College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors of Bologna. Massimo Montrucchio, a freelance engineer, works in the civil construction sector, dealing with the design and management of structural works, testing, office and party technical consultancy . Already a member of the Jurisdictional working group of the National Council of Engineers and Coordinator of the Forensic Engineering commission of the Federation of Emilia Romagna Engineers, since 2015 he has been an Ordinary 'Expert' Member of the Italian Association of Forensic Engineering and since 2019 a CERT'ing certified expert in the forensic field . Already author of a book on judicial engineering consultancy and other publications in information periodicals for technical professionals, speaker in courses for the training of expert witnesses and seminars on the ethics of consultants.