The Save-Casa conversion process begins: the Senate and Chamber Dossier has been published


Emma Potter

Elements for evaluating the quality of the text, specificity, homogeneity and content limits of the DL

The document, drawn up by the Chamber's Research Service, analyzes theintegration of the decree with current legislationwith particular attention to retroactive provisions and constitutional jurisprudence.

This dossier represents a resource for understanding the legislative changes introduced by decree-law 69/2024 and their impact on the construction and urban planning sectors. Within it the following are reiterated four main objectives of the Save-Home Decree, i.e.: simplifying building regulations, responding to housing needs, relaunching the real estate market and reducing land consumption by encouraging the reuse of existing building stock. These objectives are pursued through specific and detailed measures that aim to reduce regulatory uncertainties and facilitate the activity of local authorities, citizens and businesses.

The document analyzes i main articles of the decree. Let's review them below.

L'article 1 introduces significant changes to the Consolidated Construction Law (Presidential Decree no. 380/2001), touching on various aspects including interventions free constructionit legitimate state of properties and the manufacturing tolerances. Additionally, changes are made to the articles 36 And 37 of the TEU to overcome the requirement of “double compliance” in some cases of building discrepancies, thus facilitating the regularization of the works.

In the field of conformity assessments in amnesty, the decree distinguishes between interventions total and partial discrepancyproviding for the continuation of the double compliance regime for the former and the introduction of one for the latter conditional amnesty, which allows the municipality to request corrective interventions. The issuance of the amnesty permit involves the payment of an amount equal to double the increase in the market value of the property.

L'article 2 predicts maintenance without time limits of removable structures created for health, welfare and educational purposes during the Covid-19 emergency, on condition that meet specific requirements.

L'article 3 excludes from the landscape authorization some interventions carried out by 24 May 2024 and introduces measures for the recovery of financial resources. It comes too excluding the refund of sums already paid for some amnesty requests.

Download the document with the evaluation elements of the Save-Home Decree.

Reading sheets for the Save-Home Decree

The reading cards they were drawn up by the Research Services of the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies, with the aim of supporting internal legislative activity and facilitating the understanding of the new legislative provisions on construction and urban planning.

The document is divided into several sheets that analyze each article of the decree and can be of help to architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals in the construction and urban planning sector.

Download the reading sheets.