The Future of Rome: Post-Jubilee Investments for Sustainable Growth


Emma Potter

The city of Rome is preparing to look ahead beyond the Jubilee, with the aim of maintaining a level of investment necessary to ensure development commensurate with its historical prestige.

How can the Capital sustain these growth standards? What are the challenges and opportunities that arise?

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Investments for the future

Roberto Gualtieri, mayor of Rome, reiterated the importance of continuing the redevelopment and investment work begun with the extraordinary funds of the PNRR and the Jubilee.

During the presentation of “Destination Rome“, the Cisl agenda for the Jubilee, Gualtieri underlined the need to continue on this path to avoid a return to pre-PNRR and pre-Jubilee spending levels.

According to the mayor, even though the works for the Jubilee projects started late, they are expected to be completed on schedule.

The goal is to make Rome a more sustainable and innovative city. Gualtieri highlighted how the Jubilee represents a unique opportunity to implement an extraordinary investment plan, with numerous open construction sites necessary to transform the city.

Rome must become the locomotive of the country, overcoming the anomaly of having inadequate resources to guarantee essential services. The transformation of the Capital aims to fully exploit its great potential.

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Additional resources and staff

Another crucial issue is the management of current expenditure and personnel. The Campidoglio has asked the Government to raise the minimum threshold for personnel, obtain additional resources for at least three thousand hires and increase the spending ceiling for the additional salary of Rome Capital staff.

The Cisl expressed its support for these requests, underlining the importance of financially incentivizing planning to make public administration more attractive.

The CISL is working with the Campidoglio on a proposal for tax reduction, in particular on the municipal Irpef surtax. This initiative aims to create a solid basis for a productive and employment revival of the city.

Furthermore, the need to accelerate Jubilee investments while respecting the established timetables is underlined.

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Special Powers for Rome

The reform of special powers for Rome is another crucial point. According to the CISL, it is essential that the Capital obtain a status equivalent to that of the great European capitals.

This recognition will allow Rome to better manage its resources and skills, promoting more effective and sustainable development.