The map of PNRR projects completed or underway in European cities is online


Emma Potter

The information shown on the PNRR online map

The European map of National Recovery and Resilience Plans (PNRR) projects offers a clear snapshot of investments financed in all Member States through the Recovery and Resilience Device in order to provide direct information on the concrete results of the PNRR funds.

As specified on the European Commission website, the map it is not an exhaustive database of the projects supported and the financing amounts indicated reflect the initial cost estimates included in the recovery and resilience plans.

Where to consult the PNRR online map

The PNRR online map can be consulted at the link and it is possible to identify the projects associated with each mission thanks to the different colors indicated in the legend, namely: green transition (green), policies for the next generation (yellow), intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth ( light blue), digital transformation (purple), social and territorial cohesion (orange), economic, social and institutional health and resilience (red).

In Italy, all implementing bodies of the PNRR are encouraged to propose the projects under their responsibility for inclusion in the European map. Proposals can be sent throughout the entire duration of the PNRR and will be integrated with periodic updates of the map (every three months), thus ensuring a dynamic and in real time of the efforts and results achieved in the country.

Proposals for the European map must be included on the EUSurvey platform or, alternatively, send information via a dedicated email address.

PNRR projects Municipalities and metropolitan cities: ANCI numbers

Local authorities, as highlighted by Anci, are among the main dynamic actors in the implementation of the PNRR. As of January 2024, of the 35 billion under management (net of the resources of the Metropolitan Cities), approximately 230 thousand tenders had been activated for a value of 32.7 billion, with 12.1 billion already awarded. In 2023, Municipalities invested 16 billion euros, recording a 90% increase compared to 2017.

L'Anci now invites Municipalities and Metropolitan Cities to insert their completed or advanced projects into the map. Participation is open And without limits.