Secondary school competition: written test from 13 to 19 March, how to prepare


Emma Potter

It was finally published on diary of the written test of the Extraordinary Competition ter for secondary schools, in which, we remind you, even candidates with technical degrees or, for example, a surveyor's diploma could participate. Applications had to be sent by January 9th.

Written tests will be held from 13 to 19 March 2024 in the region for which the candidate has applied to participate (even if some regions have been aggregated based on the number of places assigned). Depending on the number of candidates, the tests may take place in several morning and afternoon sessions.

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Please note that the available places have increased from 20,575 to 29,314 in totaland who have correctly submitted the application 303,687 candidates.
In light of the publication of the test calendar, let's see how the selection will take place and how to best prepare.

Extraordinary school competition ter: selection tests

The selection procedure for the Extraordinary Ter School Competition for secondary schools will be divided into three phases, organized as follows:

  • Single written test consisting of a multiple choice test aimed at ascertaining the following skills: pedagogical, psycho-pedagogical, English language;
  • Oral test, aimed at ascertaining the candidates' skills regarding the specific competition class or type of position;
  • Valuation of securities.

To know the subjects on which the written test and the oral test will focus it is necessary to consult theAttachment A referred to in article 10 of Ministerial Decree no. 205 of 26 October 2023, which contains the programs.

Extraordinary school competition ter: written test

The written test, valid for all competition classes and types of positions for which the candidate participates. it is computer-based and has a duration of 100 minutes. The test consists of 50 questions multiple choice, divided as follows:

  • 40 questions multiple choice questions aimed at ascertaining the candidate's knowledge and skills in the pedagogical, psychopedagogical and didactic-methodological fields, distributed as follows:
    • 10 pedagogical questions;
    • 15 questions in the psychopedagogical field, including aspects relating to inclusion;
    • 15 questions in the teaching methodological field, including aspects relating to evaluation;
  • 5 questions multiple choice question on knowledge of the English language at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • 5 questions multiple choice on digital skills relating to the educational use of the most effective multimedia technologies and electronic devices to enhance the quality of learning.

Extraordinary school competition ter: oral test for common positions

There oral test for common positions is aimed at ascertaining in particular the candidate's knowledge and skills on discipline of the competition class for which it participates, in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Annex A to the Ministerial Decree, and the general teaching skillsas well as the related capacity for effective teaching planning, also with reference to the use of technologies and multimedia electronic devices, aimed at achieving the objectives set by the current teaching regulations.

To this end, during the oral exam a specific educational test is also carried out, which consists of a simulated lesson.

Extraordinary school competition ter: oral test for support positions

There oral test for support positions focuses on the program referred to in the same Attachment A and evaluates the candidate's competence in the support activities for students with disabilities aimed at defining learning environments, didactic and curricular planning to guarantee the inclusion and achievement of objectives suited to the possible potential and different types of disabilities, also through the educational use of technologies and multimedia electronic devices.

Also in this case a procedure will have to be carried out simulated lesson.

Extraordinary school competition ter: how to prepare

For preparation we recommend the following Maggioli editore volumes, specially prepared for the Secondary School Competition:

You can also practice with a free quiz simulator specially prepared for the secondary school competition. Finally we inform you that there is a Telegram channel by Maggioli dedicated publisher >> sign up here!