Which putty to choose for plasterboard?


Emma Potter

How to choose the ideal plasterboard filler?

The factors to keep in mind when choosing a plasterboard filler are:

  • setting time;
  • ease of application;
  • the resistance to shrinkage as the stucco dries;
  • the ease of sanding;
  • adhesion capacity.

The surface quality level of the joints and finishing of the coated plaster slabs is governed by the UNI 11424 regulation which illustrates the installation of dry construction systems. This legislation defines 4 quality levels, recommending the application methodology and the criteria for evaluating the result. The desired final quality level must be established in the design phase taking into account the selected products and the lighting conditions of the work environment.

The quality level Q1 it is suitable for surfaces that do not have to satisfy requests for decorative finishes and, in the final result, some surface imperfections are allowed, such as marks left by spatulas, grooves and ridges.

The Q2 level it is the standard for obtaining flatness between the surface of the joint and that of the sheet, in order to provide continuity between the two surfaces; nevertheless spatula marks or ridges cannot be totally avoided.

The third level Q3 it is indicated to obtain a superior joint quality and in this case ridges and grooves of any kind are not allowed. However, under the effect of grazing light, slight marks may remain visible.

L'last level Q4 it is the highest quality one: it provides total coverage of the slab and the presence of any sign or trace on the surface and on the joints of the wall is reduced to a minimum.

The Gyproc Evoplus range from Saint-Gobain Italia

Saint Gobain Italy with the range Gyproc EvoPlus offers a variety of options capable of adapting to different project requirements, includes three different powder formats of 30, 60 and 120, the paste format and the new Evoplus Premium filler, ensuring each applicator has even superior smoothness and workability improved, for aoptimal application.

The stuccos Gyproc EvoPlus 30 – 60 – 120 they are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available with different setting times – 30 minutes, 60 minutes And 120 minutes. Thanks to them flexibility of use and to qualityconstitute the perfect compromise between performance and ease of use.

The range has recently been expanded with the new stucco Gyproc EvoPlus Premium, ideal for professional applications where superior performance is required. The product features an advanced formulation that offers rapid execution times to meet modern construction site needs. This multi-application filler offers exceptional shrinkage resistance, high elasticity and flexibility of use.

Finally, the range also includes Gyproc EvoPlus Paste: one Ready-to-use plasterboard putty paste. Pre-mixed, ideal as a finish, the product can be applied by hand or with an airless machine, saving time and labor costs. Gyproc EvoPlus Pasta offers a high white point, with a smooth and seamless effect on the surfaces. Its ease of use allows for one application and one effortless sandingmaking it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Which putty to choose for plasterboard?

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