Discount and transfer of bonuses barriers and super bonuses: towards a possible reopening?


Emma Potter

The Superbonus Controls – e-Book in pdf

FREE UPDATES AFTER THE CONVERSION INTO LAW OF DL 39/2024 (Superbonus Decree 2024 or transfer cut) The eBook provides a complete and detailed guide on Superbonus controls, ENEA and Revenue Agency checks and the expected sanctions. The author analyzes the types of control on construction sites that are still open or already closed, the verification procedures and the responsibilities of the subjects involved. The work also contains the link to the MASE website with the list of buildings potentially subject to controls and a regulatory appendix with the decrees and laws cited in the text. THE SUPERBONUS AND THE PNRR This chapter analyzes the Superbonus and the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience (PNRR), the controllers and the rules, OLAF investigations and the ministerial offices involved. BUILDINGS AND INSPECTORS This chapter provides information on the construction sites financed by the PNRR, the checklists and reports used during the checks, the choice of the sample and the phases of the verification, as well as access to the construction sites.ENEA CONTROLSThis chapter describes the procedures and operating methods of the ENEA controls, the preliminary checks, the choice of the sample and the documents to be checked. We also discuss the time available to complete the verification, the inspections and immediate reporting for those who oppose access. LAND REGISTRY CHECKS This chapter explains the mandatory updating of the land registry information, the interventions that require communication, the systems and the coat. The sanctions foreseen are also discussed.UNCOMPLETED WORKSThis chapter deals with the obligation to report to the Revenue for unfinished works, the options available, the recovery of deductions not due and the responsibility of the transferees.PREVICE COMMUNICATION FOR NEW WORKSThis chapter discusses of the subjects required to communicate, the data to be sent to ENEA, communications regarding earthquake bonuses, sanctions and expenses in seismic craters. SUSPENSION OF CREDIT COMPENSATION This chapter provides information on the suspension of credit compensation for those who have tax debts, including documents and files involved. SANCTIONS FOR TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS In this chapter we talk about the sworn statements and criminal liability of technical professionals, as well as the expected fines. Lisa De Simone Expert in legislative matters, she deals with regulatory provisions and jurisprudence of interest to the citizen . You have been collaborating with Maggioli Editore for years, editing some online daily information columns with particular attention to the rulings of the Court of Cassation on tax and condominium matters.