Post-Covid removable structures: the new rules of the Save-Home Decree


Emma Potter

Maintenance of structures beyond 180 days with CILA

The decree introduces the possibility of remaining installed for post-Covid removable structures over 180 days foreseen byarticle 6, paragraph 1, letter e-bis)of the decree of the President of the Republic 6 June 2001, n. 380provided that there are proven needs that demonstrate the necessity.

In this regard, interested parties must submit a sworn communication of the start of work (article 6-bis of the decree of the President of the Republic of 6 June 2001, n. 380) in which they will have to be indicate the appropriate needs to demonstrate its continuing necessity, in addition toindication of the time of construction of the structure.

Finally, it is expected that for try the time of carrying out the intervention the technician will have to attach the documentation referred to inarticle 9-bis, paragraph 1-bis of the TEU and in the cases in which it is impossible to ascertain the time of construction of the structure with this documentation the technician in charge must certify the date of creation with your own declaration e under his responsibility.

The role of the Municipalities

Even if the decree facilitates the maintenance of removable structures, they must still comply with sector regulations, including anti-seismic, fire safety, sanitation and energy efficiency ones. Furthermore, they must be the same compliant with the provisions of the cultural heritage and landscape code.

Municipalities have the right to request the removal of structures with a reasoned provision if not compliant to the prescriptions. Interested parties must present a sworn notice of commencement of works, indicating the needs that justify the continued need for the structures.