The new National Council of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors has been established


Emma Potter

Paolo Biscaro is the new president

“During the next term – declares the CNGeGL president Paolo Biscarothe new Council is ready to face the countless challenges that await us, in consideration of the inevitable repercussions that will reverberate on the profession from factors such asTO THEL'international instability and the environmental sustainability. In this scenario we will be able to ensure that the figure of the Surveyor retains that prerogative that has always made him one of the protagonists of the economic and social development of the country system, until the new economic boom triggered by the ecological and digital transition of our country, by the implementation of the PNRRfrom the implementation of the European directive on green housesfrom the achievement of the objectives of theAgenda 2030 and of theAgenda 2050from the regularization building construction”.

“We are aware – added CNGeGL president Paolo Biscaro – of the results achieved so far thanks to the previous advice, such as the professionalizing and enabling three-year degree title, totally dedicated to the academic training of the figure of the Surveyor, which favors the new generations in professional start-up, allowing new graduates to position themselves more quickly on the market”.

“With the installation, the tasks awaiting the new Council
– concluded the CNGeGL president Paolo Biscaro – will be challenging: synergy and teamwork will prove decisive together with the collaboration of the presidents, the territorial colleges and the members themselves, which will allow us to reach the goals just stated in a short time”.

The National Council of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors is made up of 11 components, elected by 110 territorial colleges; the President – elected within the Council itself – represents the Category in every context, including national and international interprofessional bodies. The National Council holds office for 5 years.

Press release by Anna Rita Gervasini