Energy income: questions from 5 July


Emma Potter

The sun at home: save money with home photovoltaics

It doesn't matter whether you are already aware of this technology or whether you have no idea what a photovoltaic system is. With this book we will start from the basics to understand what to choose and why, how to keep your home photovoltaic system active, maintain and improve (revamping and repowering) in the long years to come, saving you on your energy bill. Recent changes in energy market have significantly increased awareness of energy aspects and the solutions that each of us can adopt to defend ourselves from the “market” and, at the same time, have greater freedom to live in our own home: one of these solutions is, undoubtedly , the purchase of a photovoltaic system. How to navigate the various technologies, advertisements, false myths, innovations and statistics, accessories, energy storage in batteries, in short, how to consciously choose our system photovoltaic? This book provides answers to all these questions and many more. The index is very detailed to allow you to easily find the topic you are looking for. For those who need it, it is possible to skip to the desired point and read it ahead of the rest of the discussion. In fact, each chapter is designed to embrace the world that concerns it, making it almost a book within a book. The Author has covered all the aspects worthy of note, not only in the pre-purchase, but also in the post-purchase, always keeping the reading fast, immediate and not too technical, therefore usable and discursive, but still exhaustive and rigorous.Enrico De RonziEngineer who has been dealing with photovoltaic systems since 2007, began as an employed designer, then had a phase as an entrepreneur in turnkey photovoltaics and as a freelancer. Due to his long experience in the field of residential photovoltaics, gained in almost all the aspects that characterize this type of system, he is currently dedicating himself to the role of trouble solver (manages and resolves highly complex problems) at a company of relevance and operation in national level.