Online mortgages: what they are and how to request them


Emma Potter

THE online mortgages, especially in recent times, are enjoying increasing success among consumers. This is due to the advancement of technologywhich is revolutionizing the Access mode to financing.

The web offers people the opportunity to comparein a very short time, the various offers available online and request, open and manage mortgages directly online, without having to wait for an appointment or a free day to personally go to an office.

Moreover, eliminating costs concerning the branches and to intermediaries responsible for welcoming and assisting customers, banks have the possibility of offering online mortgages to extremely advantageous conditions.

How to find a mortgage online?

Finding a mortgage that suits your needs is very simple: just use a comparator of online mortgages serious and reliable, like, and enter all the information necessary to obtain a simulation of the offers, such as the amount requested, the duration of the mortgage, and the type of interest rate preferred.

This procedure allows you to save timeeliminating the request for multiple quotes from different lenders: all options come viewed directly on screenand they can be compare in a few simple clicks.

Why choose an online mortgage?

Stipulate a mutual online generally results advantageous, especially from an economic point of view. In fact, banks and credit institutions that operate on the web often have low management costs, and this translates into more competitive prices.

Another point in favor of online mortgages is the possibility of taking out them without leaving home, but only with a device with an internet connection, such as a PC, smartphone or tablet. Just load the requested documents directly on the platform, or forward them via traditional email or certified email.

Types of online mortgages.

After seeing what a online mortgage and how to find it, we now need to understand what the different types are. Online mortgages generally tend to differentiate between them for them mode and the refund conditions.

The value that normally diversifies the various offers and affects the costs in the greatest percentage is the interest rate applied to banks. Having said this, here are the different types of mortgages on the market:

  • Mixed rate: these are mortgages that provide for pre-established periods of fixed rate and periods in which the variable rate is applied;
  • Fixed rate: the rate, normally established upon signing the contract, remains unchanged for the entire period of repayment of the loan;
  • At a variable rate with the cap: the interest rate in this case can vary but cannot exceed a certain threshold (the maximum ceiling) established in the pre-contractual phase;
  • At a discounted rate: by virtue of interventions implemented by public bodies, they reserve for some subjects (or categories of people) in possession of certain requirements, more advantageous conditions and lower interests than those that are normally imposed;
  • At variable rate: as the name itself suggests, these are mortgages whose interest rate changes at pre-established deadlines based on fluctuations in the Euribor reference index;

Depending on the purposes and requirements possessed, it is possible to request and obtain a specific mortgage, in line with one's needs and requirements.