New emerging building pathologies post Superbonus: an in-depth webinar


Emma Potter

Learning from the mistakes of the past to design and implement energy redevelopment interventions with greater awareness and precision: this is the main objective of the online course The new emerging building pathologies post Superbonuswhich offers an in-depth analysis of the challenges and problems that may emerge during and after the implementation of the 110% Superbonus.

The webinar – to be held in 5 daysBetween late October and early November 2024 (with the possibility of review your recording for 365 days)- also examines the design and regulatory challenges associated with the recent approval of EPBD directive (the so-called Green Houses Directive), which will require operators to make a paradigm shift in the planning and management of works.

Post Superbonus building pathologies webinar, teachers

The teachers of the online course live The new emerging construction pathologies post Superbonus I am:
Sergio Pesaresi: Civil engineer, designer specialized in eco-sustainable constructions and bio-architecture;
Roberto Sacchi: Freelance architect, expert in materials, especially insulation;
Paola Triaca: Construction engineer specialized in civil, construction and general building maintenance interventions, as well as condominium administrator;
Paolo Veggetti: Engineer, freelance as a plant engineer;
Claudia Volontè: Freelance engineer, registered in the Register of Energy Certifiers (CENED).