DURC online: what it is, how it works and how to carry out a simulation of contribution regularity


Emma Potter

How to request the DURC online

To apply for the DURC online, it is necessary access the INAIL or INPS institutional portal, depending on the relevant social security institution. Once you have logged in with your SPID, CIE or CNS credentials, you must look for the dedicated section.

Here it will be possible fill out the online form with the requested information, such as company data and details relating to the contributory position. After having entered all the necessary information and verified the correctness of the data, you can proceed with thesending the request. The system will carry out an automatic check of contribution regularity and, in case of a positive outcome, will immediately release the document in electronic format.

This document can be downloaded and printed directly from the portal. It is important to keep a copy of the DURC for any future checks by the competent authorities. In case of contribution irregularities, the user will be informed through the portal about the steps necessary to regularize their position before being able to obtain the DURC.

What does the online DURC document contain

The document, generated in PDF format is not editable and includes the following information:

  • name or company name, registered office and tax code of the subject of the verification;
  • registration with INPS, INAIL and Building Funds;
  • declaration of regularity;
  • identification number, date of verification and expiry of validity of the online DURC.

The availability of the outcome comes communicated to the PEC address registered by the user during the access phase to the DURC online service.

The outcome of the contribution regularity check replaces in all respects the DURC wherever requested: for the provision of grants, contributions, subsidies, financial aid and economic advantages of any nature, including benefits and community grants for the realization of investments ; for procurement procedures for public works, services and supplies and private construction works; for issuing the SOA certificate.

Online contribution regularity simulation service

INAIL has announced the activation of the electronic service called “Inail Contribution Regularity Simulation”accessible to both businesses and authorized intermediaries.

In particular, if a valid DURC existsthe simulation request can only be made starting from the fifteenth day prior to the expiry date of the document. The simulation will show the contribution situation up to the second month before the DURC expiry date.

In reverse, if there is no valid DURCthe verification is carried out on the date of the request and will show the contribution situation up to the second month preceding this date.

If no irregularities are detected in contributions to the second month before the simulation date (be it the expiry date of the valid DURC or the date of the request in the absence of a valid DURC), the outcome of the simulation will be “Regular”.

However, if possible irregularities are detected for the tax code, the outcome of the simulation will be “To be verified”. In this case, it will be possible to contact the competent INAIL office for further checks.

A was also prepared User Manual (downloadable below) which explains how to access the service.