Stress-free summer in a condominium: the ANAMMI guidelines


Emma Potter

A handbook on summer in a condominium

Giuseppe Bicapresident ofANAMMIemphasizes the importance of preparation: “Coinciding with the hot season, the serious professional must organize, in order to prevent unpleasant surprises during the weekday period. It is therefore necessary adopt some countermeasureswhich are based on precise rules of conduct, focusing on the collaboration of the condominium owners themselves”.

The administrator, in view of the holidays of his administrators, will have to provide clear recommendationsespecially on the technical management of shared life.

“To this end, it could communicate the handbook on summer in a condominium on the condominium noticeboard, on its website or in the condominium chat”adds Bica.

Failure prevention

During the summer it is essential prevent failures in the electrical system.

“The mini-blackout, unfortunately, is becoming a classic of the summer period – recalls the president of ANAMMI – for this reason, before leaving on holiday, it is good disconnect the electricity or, if this is not possible, disconnect all plugs from the TV, computer and telephone”. This measure is also important for prevent damage caused by lightning, an increasing risk with violent weather phenomena. Furthermore, it is advisable empty the freezer to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a blackout.

Other preventative measures include closing the water switch and theelimination of domestic wastewhich could cause bad odors and attract insects.

Security and anti-theft

Particular attention must be paid toanti-theft system. “A crazed mermaid during the holidays is bad for both the homeowner and his neighbors – underlines Bica – to prevent these problems, it is useful hang the installation company number on the door, allowing condominium owners to resolve the inconvenience quickly. Furthermore, this practice acts as a deterrent for bad guys”.

A simple but effective recommendation is to always close the door and entrance gate of the condominiuma precaution that tends to be forgotten in summer, thanks to the heat.

Conviviality and tolerance

The summer season increases convivial occasions, especially in the evening. Meeting opportunities are multiplying. “It's okay to rely on a little healthy tolerancebut this may not be enough to prevent disagreements over night-time noise – recalls Bica – the advice valid for everyone is: always notify the condominium owners if you organize a party or dinner with many people, apologizing in advance due to the possible disturbance caused. If you then invite the neighbors, even better.”

Administrator on vacation

The ANAMMI recommendations are also valid for condominium administrators who leave for holidays. “This, though – states President Bica – it doesn't mean forgetting the needs of the properties you manage.

Before leaving, the administrator will have to protect the condominium members from the possibility of failures such as a broken elevator, a broken key in the door or a shared swimming pool with purification problems. One will then be drawn up ad hoc communication with the list of companies and professionals who we normally turn to for repairs and maintenance, with the relevant contact details.

In the same list there will also be “useful numbers”, such as that of the fire brigade.

The case of the property that can count on is different presence of a concierge. “In that case, the concierge will be the one to contact the interested companies, based on the same list as the administrator. However, if the administrator works in a professional firm, he will be able to provide a temporary contact person”.

From the press release by Silvia Cerioli, ANAMMI press office